Police Persecute Professor: Police State?


          On May 20, a female English professor from the Arizona State University was aggressively tossed and detained for failing to show identification to an officer. The officer claimed that she was jaywalking and asked her to present I.D. After refusing the officer, he sought to handcuff her, but she resisted. After he threw her to the ground, her dress lifted and she claimed that the officer moved to grab her groin. Once the officer and his partner lifted her off the ground, she kicked the officer in the shin. The professor was charged with aggravated assault….all because she didn’t show her I.D. Watch the video below:

Watch video HERE

This is what police used to look like

This is what police used to look like

          A private citizen should not have to show their identification to a public official just because they were ‘ordered’ to….’ordered’ are you serious? The more I listen and watch the news the more I am coming to believe that the United States, and many other western countries, are moving closer to an authoritarian style of government. I don’t like what I am seeing, and I don’t like where everything is going. This is one incident amongst a host of similar encounters with police. People read or watch these stories and they see how bad it is, but they never take action, they never lobby for change. Others simply try justify this police state nonsense by citing the necessity of law and order police tactics….bullshit!

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”  ― Benjamin Franklin

This is what police look like now. A pseudo-military

This is what police look like now. A pseudo-military

          Studies show that law and order police tactics only serve to criminalize non criminals and stigmatize offenders. It increases rates of recidivism and focuses on retributive, punitive measures of ‘justice’. The focus should be on community policing and restorative justice measures which are proven to reconcile those offended and reduce rates of recidivism.

          All of this stems from the lack of educated police officers, the motives of the departments and the privatized, for-profit incarceration facilities that have literally turned convicted criminals into ‘customers’.

People have to stand up and say enough.

By: Steven Umbrello – Executive Editor


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