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Facebook: ‘Overreaction or Overstep’?


          Most people these days are connected to a social media outlet in one form or other. Facebook is the most predominant and renowned social media service and thus holds a large archive of members. That being said, those who use it obviously know that their data, and personal information is out there for the public, Facebook and ultimately any government agency who asks them for their caches to see. We all know this, but that is not what people are angry about right now.

          Facebook has been reported to have conducted a study in which it analyzed over 700,000 of its users timelines to see how negative posts can affect other user posts. They claim that they want to see how negativity on Facebook may affect its user base and are only doing it to improve their service. However, aside from their official statements, this has sent people into an anxious panic. Do you think they are justified?

Video Credit: SourceFed

          Additionally you can also read Facebook’s editor’s thoughts on the whole subject HERE.

          Do you think that people’s worries are warranted? Do you think that the simple nature of putting your information online makes it forfeit to anyone who sees it? Many of these experiments need individuals to remain unaware that they are being subjected to it, does that makes this right? Facebook can see our posts regardless, should we care that they analyze them for negative terms? Or anything for that matter?

          I’d like to know what you think about this whole issue. But I want to you to put this issue into the larger framework of internet privacy. Do you think that such a thing can can exist? Or that it even should exist?

By: Steven Umbrello – Owner & Executive Editor