Tina Forsee

          img_0716Tina Lee Forsee graduated from Marlboro College with a Plan of Concentration in Philosophy and French, a result of her love affair with Plato. (The French was purely incidental, but it all worked out. Never mind that she can’t really speak it. Not even after a semester abroad.) Kant and Husserl are pretty high on her list. Aristotle too.

          She moved to Tucson, Arizona from Brattleboro, Vermont. This year she went to Greece and Sicily to do research on her novel, tentatively titled Philosopher King, which is about a philosophy professor who gets charged with sexual harassment and finds himself, despite his apolitical soul, having to finally act against his politically correct environment. It’s about spiritual redemption through reason, not despite reason. Perhaps the elevator tag-line will be: The un-lived life is not worth examining.

          In her first week of starting her blog, Diotima’s Laddershe had the great fortune of finding like-minded souls at The Diogenes Society and The Leather Library where she is now an editor! She looks forward to rooting around through your ideas.


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